Ladies Handbags – Stylish and Fun

Women have been carrying handbags since the late eighteen hundreds, although those handbags were more like luggage than today’s handbags, there were just important to them as they are to women of today. Women of that era rarely left home without their handbags and women today feel the same way. They feel naked without their handbags.

Function VS Styles

They have gone through a host of trends throughout history; some of the trends were dictated by necessity. Function and style it would seem walk hand and hand, but that is not always so and when it comes to handbags; many of the users would leave function behind hands down for style.

Some are meant for evening wear and they are tiny, the small size really does not leave a lot of room for function. They are very stylish but not very functional. Some day time bags are huge, and many minutes a day are devoted to rifling around the bottom of the handbag to locate items that have been swallowed by the giant space that is supposed to be a handbag but looks more like a duffel bag with an endless bottom.

Function and style can come together with a little proper planning. Some ladies handbags become catch-alls for virtually anything that the lady can’t figure out to do anything else with.


Take a good look at the handbag, check out the compartments and use them. Some ladies handbags come fully loaded with compartments to hold cell phones, mp3 players, wallet, keys all of it has its own compartment, making sure the function aspect of a stylish bag is preserved using the compartments for what they are designated for will get a lot of the rifling around under control. Clean them out, yes many ladies handbags do not get cleaned out very often and the receipts, lists and spent candy wrappers pile up after awhile. Keeping things neat and organized can make any handbag stylish and functional.

Ladies handbags are a great way to tote necessary gear around; they can be fun, stylish, and functional. Choosing a handbag should be dictated by what the handbag will be used for if it is a onetime special occasion than functionality can take a back seat, if it is for everyday use than function taking a back seat to style is probably not the best option.

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